• Why CastingOutLoud?

    Posted on September 27, 2014 by in Uncategorized

    The Name: The site was registerd as tyingoutloud.com and was intended to be a little fly tying fly swap site. I would be on other forums and things would get ugly and I woud be thinking “for crying out loud” what is wrong with these people?

    Than I thought tying/crying why not?

    Than things got real ugly and I really did not enjoy my time on the fly fishing forums I was using as much and ended up focusing on “social networking” (Myspace) and sharing music ideas (back in the day myspace.com was about music). As the web2.0 world grew I thought it would be great to transpose the tools from SN sites into a fly fishing site and yes these where evolving in FF too but admin-ed by the same fools and at a slow pace. So I thought why not just do it yourself all I needed was a name that included fly fishing, fishing, fly tying and the desire to broadcast.

    tyingoutloud became castingoutloud and was registered as castingoutloud.com

    Than the bouring stuff with software, code, cost, time, frustration, sleepless nights, more code and in the end some success along the way to who what we is today.

    So here we are as castingoutloud.com our own evolving fishing community site for all the members to do what they love to do and do it outloud.

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